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Who We Are.

Since its inception Overlook Creative has worked on a wide range of projects all over the USA.  We've been lucky enough to be able to work with other companies on projects side by side.   With that mutual respect is how we like to run our business, why be enemies when we can be friends and improve together.  


Alexx Argen - Founder/President (Right)

   Alexx has been working in the industry for over a decade.  His talents include detail painting/distressing, set design, room automation and animations.  

Bryce Alexander - VP (Left)

Bryce is know for his amazing scenic work and attention to detail all over the country. It was only natural for Bryce to become part of the team with his similar styles and techniques. 


Robert Cook (Above Left)

   Robert comes from the Escape Room world in which he is a wizard.  Robby runs ESC By Design and has been kind enough to be another talented person on the Overlook team.  


Jake Ives

Jake is multi talented in both the haunted attraction industry and the escape room world.  Jake is our resident game builder and CNC man. He also loves lighting design and painting without paint on his brush.


Kenny "Big K" Thompson

   Kenny is also new to the Overlook team. He is our expert in Video, photography and sound.  A man of many talents and plays some kick ass guitar.  

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