Our Themed Attraction Services

Set Painting/distressing

From Facades to New Additions to Entire Attractions, we have done it all.  We come and take your amazing set and give it that Hollywood feel from new to old and distressed in a short amount of time.  


Attraction Design


Let us help you design your attraction to have the most potential for scares while making it look amazing.  ​​From new additions to whole houses, hayrides and more! 

Attraction Consulting

Opening a successful haunted attraction is more than setting up things in the dark these days and, we want to help you succeed.  Every market is different when it comes to opening an attraction and all those variables have to be looked at. Let us help you create the right recipe to make your attractions successful in your market.   

Animatronic Repair & Refurbisment 

Animations break all the time let us repair your animation and make it as effective as it can be without damaging itself.  your remember how much you paid for that animation, don't let that awesome thing become a loss,  


Stage Lights
Custom Automated Effects

Let us make your sets come alive.  Rooms being tormented by ghosts to a lab where the latest experiment has just broken out.  We bring the your surrounding to life with a wide variety of effects to make your attraction come to life, actor or not. 

Woman with Telephone Headset
If we can't, we know who can. 

We don't want to promise the world and let you down,   Of course we want to create amazing thing with you but we cant do everything.  Luckily people who do what we do for a living know lots of other folks with similar talents.  Well help you find who you need to get the job  done.